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9 Steps to Financial Fitness in the 4th Quarter

Welcome October and now we're in the last quarter of the year, Autumn is "almost" in the air. No more putting off your Spring cleaning. And if you did, this is your last chance to make good on your promises to yourself to get your Financial and Health Houses in order! Know what you don't know.

1. Time for a Wealth Check-Up - Take a look all those investment/savings statements. Do you need to make any adjustments?

Do you even know if you should?

"Trees don't grow to the sky." Warren Buffet

2. Stress Test Your Portfolio to see if it has endurance to last your retirement years. A Financial Check-Up will provide answers and give you peace of mind.

3. What goal did you say you would address that you haven't yet? Like starting that College fund for your 6th Grader or setting up an automatic investment in your IRA?

4. Learn the difference between taking Social Security at 62 versus 65,66,67,68,69,70.

5. Should you Rollover that "old" 401(k), the school's 403(b) plan or governmental 457 plan you left ?

6. Getting a Power of Attorney or Writing your Will, Health Care Directives? What's the cost if you don't have any estate planning documents?

7. Did you overpay income taxes and swore you would make adjustments so it won't happen again next year?

8. Time for a Health Check - Take advantage of your annual well visits and if you have any Wellness Benefits, now is the time to take advantage of those too. Review your Health Benefits. Can you add a HSA - Health Savings Account? Check in with your Wealth & Health and see if they are aligned with each other.

9. Are you overworking and ignoring your physical health. Are you spending a lot of money on prescriptions - medicines? Could you possibly make a couple of changes in your daily routine that would benefit your body and purse? Studies show that even a 20 pound reduction in weight loss can benefit your heart and some diabetic patients. Remember Health is Wealth!

Wishing you the best of Health, Wealth & Success! If you would like some assistance in getting Clarity and Results on any of the above we would welcome the opportunity with integrity and Unbiased Holistic advice. Contact: Info

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