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Michele Nami Von Hoven, RFC, IAR
CEO, Be Fit Financially, LLC
Author, Founder, WFSN -
Women's Financial Solutions Network
Holistic Financial Advocate

Michele is very passionate about helping people ignite their life to wealth and success.  She has been transforming and turning people's dreams and goals into reality for over 30 years.  She began her financial planning journey preparing hundreds of tax returns a year and saw her client's hard earned money eroded by income taxes and searched for alternative ways to keep more of her clients' hard earned money and investment earnings.


Today Michele is CEO of Be Fit Financially, LLC, a firm she started to simplify the Holistic financial planning process with her empirical tools and techniques to help people keep more of their hard earned money.   She designed the BFF Roadmap to Riches to be your guide to help you successfully reach your valuable goals and visions, so you can live the life you love and love the life you live.  


So come on and Be Fit Financially today and

live the life of your dreams!


WFSN - Women's Financial Solutions Network -
"Empowering a Million women to over a Million Dollar$"

If you're like most women, money is a tough topic to talk about and when it comes to feeling confident about it, and even figuring it out, you struggle...

And you're not alone, several studies relealed this trend among women of all income and age levels:  we simply don't feel confdent addressing the topic of money.


As single women, wives, mothers, professionals and business owners, we simply MUST build confidence in our financials.

And the WFSN can show you how...

How your money mindset may be holding you back - and how to shift the pattern, so you get more clear and confident in your financial life.


Why the timing of "cash out vs cash in" may actually be getting you into deep financial trouble (and how to fix it ASAP, so you stay on top of your cash flow.)


An eye-opening budget breakdown so you understand what to watch for every month (do you know what's important? Get ready for major clarity.)


How to measure your current financial results, so you can set realistic goals, and scale your finances on a sensible, achievable timeline. (Master this and you will wow your life.)


How to surround yourself with money mentors and experts, so you can build your confidence around money, better manage it, and keep it coming in.

And more!

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