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Welcome!  I'm Michele and I created Be Fit Financially.  We want to be the ONE to Ignite Your Life to Be Fit Financially.  As a Holistic Financial Advisory Firm, Specializing in Tax Saving Solutions, Retirement Acccumulation and De-cumulation (Income Phase), Savvy IRA Planning and Estate Planning.  Michele set out to change the approach to tax planning to pro-actively plan and implement tax strategies that can rescue thousands of dollars in wasted taxes now and in retirement!  Beware of the "Retirement tax torpedo."

We can help you clarify the financial jargon into simplistic terms so that you can reach your

financial goals and visions with clarity, integrity and results!  




By getting a healthy relationship with your money you can live the life of your dreams, love the life you live!

Become financially independent, so you are strong, confident and empowered financially.  

Reduce financial stress and get Peace of Mind about your money.  I designed the BFF 360 Roadmap to Riches, specifically to guide you to attain your values based goals and visions. 


Using SMART -I goals, we focus on the solutions and activities that will achieve the Results you envision. 

                                               S- Significant ( What do you value most?)

                                               M- Measurable (How much, by when and how do I know when achieved?)

                                               A- Attainable (Develop a plan and attitude to achieve your goals)

                                               R- Realistic ( Are you motivated to do what's necessary to achieve progress?)

                                               T- Timely ( Set a time frame with the end result in mind)

                                               I - Intentional (Align with your 4 V's; Values, Visions, Velocity & Versatility)














Michele says, "Increasing your Net Worth, will increase your Self Worth"




The one constant in our lives is that it will change. A new job, marriage, divorce or death, buying a new home or selling family home to downsize, an unexpected illness, an inheritance, retirement and a hundred other changes in our lives.  We make choices to manage these changes but sometimes we need help to ensure that our choices are the right ones.  Many of these changes involve financial decisions and planning, so you need customized solutions for your life,  That's why we're here to guide you with successful tools and techniques to get you real solutions and  results. Reach your goals, your visions,  live the life you've dreamed of now and for the future  stress free, happy and healthy!


After working with many clients over the years and seeing some of them dealing with health issues that no amount of money could cure their illnesses.  The fact that poor health takes a big chunk of money out of your assets, I decided to incorporate health into my financial planning practice.   Seeing the stress people go through and knowing that one of the major causes of stress is worrying about money and finances, I believe that you can be stress free when it comes to you money, if you t take a little time to find the solutions that will eliminate that stress, Be Fit Financially, LLC has those solutions. Yes, you can live the life of your dreams and be stress free!


                    INTEGRITY - YOUR  BFF- 360 ROADMAP TO RICHES PROGRAM                   


Be Fit Financially, LLC is proud to offer a wide variety of financial solutions to individuals, couples, and businesses. What we offer is professional, unbiased advice, solutions and financial education designed specifically for you.  As a fiduciary, your interest always comes first!  We are Partners in Your Vision and will guide you to reach your fiancial goals.  We will help you clarify your goals, with realistic timelines, help you realize your goals through your

F.I.T. Roadmap To Riches.  No cookie cutter approach to your financial life because your life is unique as are Your financial challenges and visions.   Live the life of your dreams!






















Our clients come from all walks of life.  We work with people just starting out on their financial planning journey, to the sophisticated do-it-your self investor.  You can become one of the few people to clarify your goals, and identify what you really want to happen in your life, today and in your future.


At BeFitFinancially, LLC our mission is to help you make smart decisions about your money.  To do so, we use a systematic investment process to determine wht type of plan will keep you on track toward reaching your goals.  

We have designed the BFF 360 Roadmap to Riches Program specifically to help us achieve the following:


  • Understand your true financial Values, Visions, Velocity and Versatility- The BFF Core 4 V's.

  • Create the Holistic and most tax efficient financial & investment plan for achieving those goals based on your parameters.

  • Implementation and stay on track at each step of the process for results.


You receive a diligent review of your financial resources and financial health.  We will provide you with a clear picture of your income, savings, investments, taxes, spending, risk management and your savvy retirement income solutions.  You will gain confidence in figuring out your financial picture without stress so you can live your lifestyle. 


Some of our services include:

1. Secure Your Financial Foundation - Increase Your Net Worth

2. Stress Test Your Portfolio

3. Gain Tax Efficiency - Shifting, Timing, Use of Tax Code Puts more money in your pocket

4. Secure Retirement Income - Factors to consider: Medical and tax expenses, longevity, inflation

5. Review your Retirement Plan (401K, 403b,457, Profit Sharing, IRA, ROTH IRA's) for optimization

6. Lump Sum Distributions and Rollover Analysis

7. Pension Protection and Maximization

8. Early Retirement Evaluations

9. Retirement Income Cash Flow Maximization - Stay Retired

10. IRA Distribution Tax Analysis

11. Tax Now, Tax Later, Tax Never Planning

12. Estate Protection Planning

13. Trust Development

14. College Fund Tax Advantaged Planning

15. Educational Workshops - 







Some clients utilize our services for small questions, others use us for larger, more comprehensive projects. Either way, you are always in control of the services and costs at Be Fit Financially, your Holistic Financial Advocate.  You choose the advice you need. 

Developing and implementing a financial life plan is a complex process that we can simplify so you can accomplish your goals and live the life of your dreams. Delegate your financial concerns to us and we will help you gain peace of mind and live stress free. Your financial wellness is as important as your physical wellness. A written roadmap will get you to your destinations, now and in the future.


Take the  steps now to begin your life of Financial Independence Today- Be F.I.T. 

Our Fiduciary Commitment

As an independent Holistic Advisory Firm, our commitment is to you our client.  As a fiduciary, your interest always comes first. Our focus is built around you, our clients.  Our priorities are to manage risk, help you achieve your goals and give you peace of mind in tax, retirement and estate planning and investment planning, built around a tax-centered philosophy to help preserve your capital. We believe that you should not wait until you are in the midst of a financial crisis befoe beginning the planning process.  

The sooner you plan, the more options you will have available to you.


Our proven 21st Century tools and techniques, if followed properly will propel your financial life to a Quantum Leap of successful riches!  Lower your taxes and keep more of what you make. When you send your hard earned dollars to Washington on April 15th, they're on a "One way trip and never coming back! So, take advantage of the tax code and keep your money for you and your family!  Be in control of your money today.


21 Days to the life of your desires.  All major studies say it takes 21 day to create a new habit. Wow, that's not a long time, three weeks go by very quickly and just think you will be on the road to financial success in only 21 days!  So, take advantage of our 21 Days to BE FIT FINANCIALLY, Your BFF 360 Roadmap to Riches for life!












When you work with Be Fit Financially, LLC,

you benefit not only from our experience and expertise, but also from a braod range of resources provided by our elite network of financial institutions and seasoned professionals.  

This team of experts is levereged at every step as appropriate to help you achieve your financial goals.


Wealth Advisory Group, LLC - Offers Safe Money Strategies, Estate Solutions and

Risk Management.

Pebble Management Group, LLC

Investment Advisory Services, Portfolio Management, Securities

Scottrade Advisors - Investment Advisory Administration

You are the CEO of your Household.


1-Declutter your financial Life.


2-Develop Tax Savvy Savings Strategies.


3-Develop a Wealth Management Process.


4-Implement an Action Exercise Plan.


5-Follow-up on your Action Exercise Plan


6-Reduce Financial Stress


7-Love Saving Money more than spending it!






Results that optimize your financial life free from money stress and what if's.


You're saving taxes and able to keep more of your hard earned money for you and your family!


You know where you stand financially and are on the road to or have arrived at F.I.T. status.


Retirement is optional and affordable.


You're in control and  retired with a Steady Paycheck in Retirement (PIR) that will last beyond your lifetime. 


Sit back and relax doing the things you love, with the people you love.  



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