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Welcome Summer! 6 ways to Prioritize Your Wellbeing

Big Sur Surfin!

Getting in shape isn’t something you can do instantly. It should be done gradually, in a healthy manner that takes your overall wellness into account. Now that Summer is here, it’s the perfect time to begin getting in shape. Here are 6 tips to get you there:

1. Set Goals

Everyone has goals. If you are looking to get in shape, consider setting one to help you focus. If you want to run that 5K, for example, you can start by running outside in your neighborhood. All you’ll need is a pair of sneakers. You can also find some great apps that will help you achieve your goal by coaching you, tracking you, motivating you and even entertaining you. recently published a feature on the 15 best apps to help you achieve your running goals.

2. Small Changes

Studies show that making gradual lifestyle changes over time results in a greater chance that they will be sustained. When it comes to exercising, start small and make a few healthy changes that work for you. If you are looking to get in shape you probably already have the motivation, but you need to develop the habit. Habit is what will keep you exercising and eating right. Studies also show it takes 21 days to set a new habit.

Be Accountable

3. Eating Healthy

Summer offers a bounty of fresh fruits and veggies!

Take some time to research nutrition and find out about more healthy alternatives, as well as recommended serving sizes. You can do a lot of this on your own with Google searches, or you can visit a nutritionist for expert advice. There may be many beneficial food items and recipes that you’ll enjoy if you just give them a chance.

4. Exercise Regularly

For most people, a moderate exercise schedule works best to start. Try exercising at least 20 minutes, every day to get some cardio. Build up to 30 to 45 minutes, four to five days per week to really improve your fitness. You don’t need to hit Gold’s Gym and pump iron. Your goal should not be to try and turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger overnight. A moderate workout on a regular basis will help you get in shape.

5. Be Accountable

Make an appointment with a family member, friend, or even a trainer so you create accountability. Hit the gym, go for a jog or take a Yoga class, and make exercising something you do socially. If you have trouble getting motivated, confiding in someone who can inspire you, coach you or exercise with you can make a big difference.

6. Mix Up Your Routines

Your body will adapt to a singular routine and eventually, you will start seeing fewer results, I say this from experience! Instead, vary your activities. If you exercise three times a week, for example, try running on Monday, go to a Yoga class on Wednesday and ride an exercise bike on Friday. Every few weeks, change something to keep your body guessing and burning calories. This is also a good way to refresh your mind by making exercise interesting. READY - SET - GO!


Michele Von Hoven, RFC

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