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Welcome!  I'm Michele Nami-Von Hoven, RFC

and I want to give you my 7 Step Process to Be Fit Financially, the secrets to ignite and inspire you to financial independence!  In my nearly thirty years as a Holistic Financial Advocate, I have developed the simple - common sense approach to being financially fit.  Be Fit Financially and you will be more productive in all areas of your life!


I am honored to be named to America's Premier Experts and chosen to be a Co-Author with the renowned International Success Coach and best selling author, Brian Tracy. In the book, Ignite Your Life to Health, Wealth and Success, I outline the process and with real solutions to Be Fit Financially.


I believe simple is best to help you truly get to the life you dream, the life you love. Get real solutions and gain peace of mind. Now that's a good thing to gain!


Best of Success to you,



I believe life rewards decisive action.  

That's why I'm offering:

The 7 Step Process to Be Fit Financially,

seven powerful steps you can take on your journey to be F.I.T.,  

Financially Independent Today.


You'll learn the actions you need to achieve financial success.

Get excited - get in control - get F.I.T.



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